Modell S-155

Pianists have been enthusiastic about the “Baby Grand” of Steinway grand pianos since the 1930s. An instrument with the unmistakable sound of Steinway & Sons in a size (length 155 cm) that fits in almost every room.

Length 155 cm
Width 146 cm
Gewicht 267 kg

Modell M-170

At home in many living rooms, music schools and music colleges. The M model is often referred to as “Medium Grand” because of its medium size (length 170 cm), but the quality of the sound has nothing to do with mediocrity.

Länge 170 cm
Breite 146,5 cm
Gewicht 281 kg

Modell O-180

A pianist’s delight since the early 20th century. With a warmer and fuller sound than one would expect from an instrument of this size (length 180 cm).

Länge 180 cm
Breite 146,5 cm
Gewicht 286 kg

Modell A-188

Due to the ingenious construction of the soundboard, the Model A has a powerful and warm sound. An instrument big enough (length 188 cm) for demanding pianists, but suitable for almost every living room.

Länge 188 cm
Breite 147 cm
Gewicht 325 kg

Modell B-211

The Steinway B-211 is often referred to as “the perfect grand piano”. Balanced and versatile, the perfect instrument for lessons or for medium-sized concert halls.

Länge 211 cm
Breite 148 cm
Gewicht 354 kg

Modell C-227

The first prerequisite for a successful concert evening. Model C (length 227 cm) offers the whole range of musical dynamics, from the powerful forte to the most tender pianissimo.

Länge 227 cm
Breite 155 cm
Gewicht 425 kg

Modell D-274

A majestic instrument, the favorite grand piano of the world’s greatest pianists. The model for everyone who strives for the highest level of musical expression.

Länge 274 cm
Breite 157 cm
Gewicht 500 kg

The best time to invest in a Steinway grand or upright piano is always the same: now. Why? Because the unavoidable price increases for new Steinways also increase the value of used Steinways. A Steinway grand piano is an investment that convinces: The company philosophy “To build the best piano possible” has always been the maxim of every Steinway employee. The masterly workmanship and its inimitable sound make a Steinway the dream of many musicians. The brand enjoys great international popularity as it has been appreciated for its perfection and innovation since 1853. These are the criteria that have made a Steinway an instrument that is valued worldwide as an investment: Today, a 50-year-old Steinway can fetch more than 9 times its original purchase price!