Pianohaus Zechlin – our services for grand and upright pianos from Steinway & Sons and others.

Something special – Our Steinways

Our aim is to keep every Steinway grand piano played as true to the original as possible. This applies in particular to the preservation of the Steinway soundboard, the use of Steinway hammer heads and other parts that are typical for the sound and playing style of a Steinway.

The instruments are professionally overhauled and the tonality and technology are improved. A team of several piano builders/masters trained at Steinway in Hamburg works for us. The entire overhaul, new case surface can last up to a year on a Steinway.

You will be surprised how unique even older Steinways can sound if they have been optimally overhauled. The quality of the wood used for the soundboard and other acoustic systems at that time can hardly be surpassed. This also applies to the large amount of time required for production.

Our prices for played Steinways are approx. 40 to 60 % below the current new price. are already included.

At present, more or less well refurbished Steinway grand pianos from New York production are offered, whose case was reworked, among other things, to appear as a Steinway grand piano from Hamburg and to be sold at a higher price. Pianohaus Zechlin sells high-quality Steinway & Sons grand pianos made in Hamburg. Grand pianos made in New York are identified as such.

5-year guarantee for used Steinway grand pianos

As part of our 5-year guarantee for Steinway grand pianos, we take on the task of rectifying structural defects. This expressly does not apply to wearing parts such as strings, hammer heads, key coverings, the surface of the case or damage caused by improper handling.

It is assumed that the climatic and usage conditions at the installation site are observed in accordance with our care instructions. Also proof of regular tuning and maintenance (twice a year) by piano makers authorized by us. Tuning and maintenance are not covered under warranty. The costs for this are to be borne by the buyer. The guarantee applies to the first purchaser and is not transferable.

Other instruments offered are subject to a separate warranty.

Flexible rental of your Steinway grand piano

We offer Rent and Rent to Buy for our Steinway & Sons grand pianos. In the event of a possible purchase, up to 12 net months’ rent will be deducted from the purchase price. Rental offers are valid for private use at a suitable location in our region. Creditworthiness assumed.

Delivery of high-quality instruments by experts

Transporting pianos and grand pianos requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. We have our transports throughout Germany and internationally carried out exclusively by professional piano shipping companies. Whether by truck, plane or ship – the instruments are packaged accordingly and are insured during transport to you. The delivery costs of a grand piano within Germany/EG without difficulties are from 390 euros.

Pianohaus Zechlin delivers professionally to all regions in Germany, including Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel, Lüneburg, Rostock, Schwerin, Flensburg, Sylt, Bremen, Hanover, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Frankfurt am Main, Kassel, Cologne, Bonn, Aachen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Münster, Osnabrück, etc. International delivery on request.

Our range of services for upright and grand pianos

Advice, moods, concert service

  • Tuning, finishing, regulation and voicing are carried out by qualified piano makers.
  • Repairs and sophisticated overhauls for private and institutional customers are carried out in master workshop.
  • Installation of special equipment, air conditioning systems
  • Evaluation of your instrument upon purchase / commission / trade-in

Sold instruments are regulated, tuned and intoned again before delivery. We are happy to consider your wishes in terms of sound and playing style. After delivery, you will have another free review, tuning and intonation within 1-3 months.

Pianohaus Zechlin Steinway & Sons